Soziales Engagement

Donation of Instruments | Clinical traineeship on Sri Lanka
Sakuki Dental Hospital in Kurunegala | Sri Lanka

The two students of the University Göttingen Anna Lachmann and Antje Lehmann decided to do an clinical traineeship abroad - during their study programme. At the Sakuki Dental Hospital in Kurunegala at Sri Lanka they got to know the daily work of an dentist. devemed supports them whith instruments.


Sponsoring Jfv Oberes Donautal
Trikot-Sponsoring | C-Jugend, Jfv Oberes Donautal
Donation of Instruments | PLANET ACTION
dental emergency aid in developing countries

Dentists, dental students and interested individuals and volunteers are engaged in developing countries which are short of medical supplies. 

Enclosed are a report and images of the mission in Madagascar.

Cooperation University Bucharest
Sponsoring of instruments Titu Maiorescu University

We support the education of the students at the Titu Maiorescu University in bucharest with our instrument sets.